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by Jim27
19 Nov 2016, 09:15
Forum: Bike Chat
Topic: Assistance from Road Traffic Act nerd please.
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Re: Assistance from Road Traffic Act nerd please.

It's legal to pass on the inside if the vehicle in the outside lane is going slower than the speed limit. As with filtering though you have to recognise that the danger is increases and discharge the increased duty of care when doing it. I do it from time to time where dawdlers pull out from the lef...
by Jim27
26 Oct 2016, 20:14
Forum: Bike Chat
Topic: Helmet Cam
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Re: Helmet Cam

Bear in mind that police can and often do seize helmet cams to review the content and see if there's anything worth prosecuting you for. The fudge here is that they don't have to witness you doing anything naughty - just have a suspicion. So the question here is whether or not you can get a good qua...
by Jim27
04 Oct 2016, 06:15
Forum: Bike Chat
Topic: Rac important.
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Re: Rac important.

At least they recognised you. When I broke down late at night on the bike some 30 miles from home a couple of months ago I called the RAC who said they had no record of me being a member and left me by the roadside as I wasn't prepared to pay several hundred quid for on-the-spot membership. Suffice ...
by Jim27
19 Aug 2016, 08:53
Forum: Bike Chat
Topic: Got myself an SP-2
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Re: Got myself an SP-2

Good buy that, pal. Gorgeous bike!
by Jim27
15 Aug 2016, 14:59
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by Jim27
14 Aug 2016, 23:24
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Old member back again :)
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Re: Old member back again :)

Welcome back :)

Don't mind Mozz - he's just jealous :lol:
by Jim27
12 Aug 2016, 22:44
Forum: Bike Chat
Topic: Not many left anymore
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Re: Not many left anymore

That atmosphere came from a grass roots willingness to make the effort regularly, not just occasionally. We'd all meet up religiously every Sunday morning at Millenium Motorcycles for a dose of salmonella and again on Wednesday evenings at the Scotch. It was that knowledge that there was ALWAYS a NW...
by Jim27
11 Aug 2016, 08:05
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Newbie saying hello.
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Re: Newbie saying hello.

Welcome bud :)
by Jim27
25 Jul 2016, 09:13
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Topic: Accident in Horwich
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Re: Accident in Horwich

Saw it on the Bolton News. Looked like she slipped on diesel on the entrance to the Texaco petrol station. GWS.
by Jim27
06 Jul 2016, 15:42
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Topic: Before n after from vandalism
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Re: Before n after from vandalism

This is my favourite bit of fence vandalism: