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My own CX500 project

Posted: 28 Mar 2019, 20:54
by rumpoldstilskin
See the build thread in projects.
Just come home to an email with the latest Solictors fees, fml, will need to sell my kidneys and testicles at this rate. (Buying a house, not been caught seat sniffing before its suggested(not caught yet )
So.... £800 takes it.

Engine is all free moving, needs a full gasket set as i removed the easy ones (was planned but hadn’t bought a kit it seems)

Comes complete with;

NOVA Certificate (so you will be the first UK owner)

Old bits;

Side stand
Loom (intact)
Original clocks
Most other original items
Side panels
Rear shocks

Refurbished bits;

Khlein carbs
CX custom tank

Brand New bits;

Black Handle Bars
Black COB LED 5 3/4” headlight and bowl
Micro coils
Black HD controls (makes the look clean)
Hidden alu battery tray
Front titanium pegs
Illuminated momentary ‘on’ switch ()
Rear springs 15”
Intake manifolds
NGK spark plugs
NGK plug caps
SMD LED seat hoop
Black LED speedometer (fancy & not cheap)
Battery (sealed in box)

Photos to follow tomorrow when i finish work.

The bike was imported from Texas, no rust on the engine or frame, nice clean starting point.

Re: My own CX500 project

Posted: 04 Apr 2019, 19:44
by rumpoldstilskin
1979 Cx500 custom from Texas with NOVA (duty paid)

Clean Matching frame and engine numbers
Engine turns over, clean bores (needs gasket kit)
Good radiator and fan
Perfect carbs (overhauled with new jets etc)
Gear box fine (5sp)
Forks straight and fine
Drive shaft fine
16” reverse com star rear
18 or 19 reverse com star front
(Both straight)
Clean tank that need finishing
Swing arm fine
Fown pipes if wanted
Loom but ideally needs new one
Reg rec
Fron disc
Calliper and lever
Clutch lever
Original clocks
Original bars and switch gear

New parts list as seen on the work bench;

Carbon exhaust wrap kit
Rear progressive Shocks 15”
Front titanium pegs
Hidden alu battery box
NGK plus
NGK caps
Top digital speedo (expensive)
Micro coils
Rear hoop with COB LED + turns
Fron COB LED hi/low/DRL 5 3/4”
5 3/4” bowl with Custom SS mount
Alu black bars & clamp
Momentary ‘ON’ switch backlit blue
Harley Davidson sportster controls
Intake Manifolds

Price is set, making a big loss but i’m buying my first house so needs must.

Please contact for more details (don’t think i have left any out)

Re: My own CX500 project

Posted: 13 Apr 2019, 16:37
by rumpoldstilskin