Benny, what a legend

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Benny, what a legend

Post by CRM » 14 Apr 2015, 11:29

Now not for one keeping things in the past, i would like to share my own memories of Benny and hopefully it will make a few of you laugh and or cry.
I remember his posts before i actually met him and never really took to him if being honest, he was brash, rude but bloody funny and quite different from myself in many ways but of course was well established with you all.
I had no idea what to expect, i certainly didn't expect the relationship and bond we formed.

First meeting was i think about 3 years ago at Asda in queensferry. So we have all met, and at that time i didn't know who he or many of you were. We were getting ready to ride on and Benny was on his SP1 at the time and sat all kitted up to the side out of the way when i saw him and he gave me the first admiring nod and smile with a thumbs up while shaking his head and the lack of urgency shown by some at getting ready to ride.

Well from that day on he was always up for a fun on the bike, he would come over and meet us at helsby and was happy to sit behind or take the lead and ride at your pace with the odd mad run when he got bored.
He was happy to pop over for a brew and it was clear very quickly he was quite unique. I consider myself a bit different from the average biker and my passion for my bikes while confined to a certain era (and brands) but Benny was without doubt one that recognized this in me and we instantly had a common ground.

Sadly my last memory was as similar to the first one, we were at the chippy in newcot on the Wednesday night, i was filling the CRM up with fuel at the petrol station and i looked over and he was there with just a couple of people and i waved at him - he flicked me the bird then gave a thumbs up lol.

I considered him a true pal, he was one of the most generous, keen and dependable guys you could meet.
A wicked sense of humor and a true loss to many.

RIP benny.
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Re: Benny, what a legend

Post by Jim27 » 14 Apr 2015, 12:29

One of my favourite memories of Benny was when he did his own home-made filling in his tooth using chemical metal and a Dremmel. He was quite proud of it, the pikey sod!

He was always the first to offer to help people when they needed work doing on their bike. I respect him even more though for insisting that the owner would do the work with him (not just watch him do it) use his tools and learn how to do whatever needed doing so that they would then always be able to DIY. He believed passionately in helping to teach other bikers how to look after their own machines - he was a old skool petrolhead through and through. I remember when he had his "fettled" VTR out and he had it firing off pipe bangs on the overrun just for the the fun of it (no kill switch involved - customised cams, timing and exhaust) - sounded like a bloody howitzer and made him grin ear-to-ear :)
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